International School Of Management's Phd Program Opens Doors To New Career Paths

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16th February 2010, 12:20pm - Views: 991

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International School of Management's PhD Program Opens Doors To New Career Paths

PARIS, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

    International School of Management's PhD Program Opens Doors To New

Career Paths

    ISM, a US Accredited University in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai,

has a proven track record of turning seasoned business professionals into

exceptional researchers and teachers. ISM's PhD program is designed to

challenge top-level executives and entrepreneurs due to a rigorous program

designed by ISM's forward thinking Curriculum Management and Strategic

Management committees.

    For PhD candidates, a desire to learn while using original research

derived from years of professional experience, and the ability to teach and

lead, are essential characteristics. It is therefore not surprising that the

challenges of the PhD program are met with determination, ingenuity and

success. Furthermore, with an ethic of collaboration and scholarship in mind,

PhD candidates receive the full support of ISM's highly qualified faculty.

    Dr. Dawn Bowden, a recent ISM PhD graduate, confides that her professors

"provide[d] a teaching philosophy that ... PhD students can subsequently

emulate as they embark on a career in academia." It is due to this very

philosophy that Dr. Bowden recently accepted an Assistant Professor position

at the University of Wisconsin, one of her original goals upon entering the

PhD program at the International School of Management.

    Fellow candidates are a source of collaboration and engaged debate. With

a cohort of some of business' most savvy practitioners, candidates learn

almost as much from their peers as from their professors. Prof. Frank

Desimone, thoroughly satisfied with the PhD program states, " fellow

classmates were very impressive and motivated. Participating in courses in

New York and Paris with them has certainly broadened my educational

perspective and solidified my decision to move to a career in academia."

    ISM's PhD candidates and graduates take on a higher level of

responsibility when using their expertise to guide their students towards new

discoveries. Seth Feldman, JD and ISM PhD candidate, who recently became a

thesis advisor, helps his student using a knowledge he acquired at ISM. Seth

attests that, "Not only was I able to provide my advisee with a solid tool

for gathering and evaluating research, I could help her apply her work in a

way that is useful to her community." That type of knowledge transfer is

critical to the work of a PhD.

    Beyond the realm of teaching, the PhD experience itself helps candidates

and alumni forge new networks of support in business and life. The intensive

seminar format, ubiquitous throughout all four of ISM's international

locations, requires candidates to work together on challenging real world

issues. PhD candidate Ana Baldeon relates that, "[when] I took the 2-week

seminar in NY I was flabbergasted! I met incredible people from all over the

world...Even though it only lasted two weeks, we all bonded and became great

friends."As Ana further points out, these relationships tend to endure, "We

did a lot of group work together, but still had time to socialize and get to

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know each other as people. We truly embraced and enjoyed our diversity. As a

result, I now have several great friends/colleagues in different parts of the


    Becoming a professor after a successful professional career, and

attempting to bridge the gap between a results-oriented career and

theory-driven academia can be daunting. However, the International School of

Management's PhD candidates find the support they need from a dedicated staff

and inspiration from likeminded individuals who have embarked on a journey

that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

    For further information on the International School of Management please

contact Mr. Matthew Werner, Executive Director at: or visit the

    SOURCE: International School of Management


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