$300,000 In Wages Withheld From Act Security Officers

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8th April 2008, 08:23pm - Views: 766

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Embargo:  12.01 am, Wednesday 9 April 2008

$300,000 in wages withheld from ACT Security Officers

A delegation of ACT Security Officers will meet with Bob McMullan MP today in order to raise their

concerns about the extensive delay in the recovery of approximately $312,500 in underpaid wages. 

They believe the wages are owed to them by Chubb Security for overtime worked while guarding

Canberra’s people and places.  The huge multinational corporation supplies security services to a

number of Commonwealth Government buildings in Canberra.

The 125 security officers make their livelihoods by protecting government buildings from intrusion and

theft.  They feel disgusted that Chubb Security has left them out of pocket by an average of

approximately $2,500 each.

In 2006 the LHMU, the Security Officers Union, on behalf of the guards took the matter of unpaid

overtime entitlements before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC). The AIRC was

of the view that the guards were entitled to be paid as they claimed in accordance with the ACT

Security Award. Chubb Security refused to settle the matter.

About 125 claims were lodged with the Office of Workplace Services on 9 July 2007 but progress

since then has been very slow.  Chubb announced its intention to sell the security arm of its business in

April 2007 and there are continual reports of the sale being imminent, with two potential buyers

rumored to be in final negotiations.

“We have just about given up hope of ever seeing our money. I think in some ways we have been our

own worst enemies in this because we have been prepared to let justice take it course. Our fear is that if

Chubb sells now getting our money will be even harder, if not impossible”, said Chris Peisley one of

the security officers.

"Anger is building amongst the guards," says David Bibo, ACT Branch Organiser of the LHMU. “If

there isn’t a speedy resolution to this matter it is likely we will see Chubb guards engaged in protest

action. This is not something they feel comfortable about, but they increasingly feel it is something

they must do. They would much prefer to be guarding Canberra’s iconic buildings rather than

protesting outside them.”

Contact:  David Bibo - mobile 0434 355 754

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