57 Workers Lose All Their Entitlements As Forgecast Goes Into Liquidation

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27th November 2009, 09:00am - Views: 787

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Media Release

Friday 27 November 2009

57 workers lose all their entitlements as Forgecast goes into


Workers at Mitcham company Forgecast are reeling from shock today after their workplace

went into liquidation on Thursday. Workers have been told that there is no money to pay

them, yet the director has manipulated the law to make sure that he is paid millions.

AMWU State Secretary Steve Dargavel said the treatment of the workers by the director

should not be allowed to stand.

“The director has manipulated corporate law so that he gets paid from the sale of the

company assets and the result is that the workers dont get paid at all,” said Mr  Dargavel.

“It is clear that his intention is to phoenix this company to start a new one, with no regard for

the workers and the money they’re entitled to. 

“Some of these loyal employees have put in 30 years of service – it’s a disgrace that they will

now be left without hope of regaining their full entitlements.


“This money can make all the difference in a climate where jobs are hard to come by,

especially just before Christmas. Without that money these workers will be in a very difficult


“Workers and their families will take part in a protest outside Forgecast until they obtain

justice, said Mr Dargavel.

The AMWU is again calling upon the Federal Government to establish a proper workers

entitlements scheme.

For more information or interviews please contact Steve Dargavel on 0425 741 963 or Anaya

Latter on 0432 121 636.

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