Less Than Half Of Australian Workplaces Are Family Friendly

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14th October 2009, 09:00am - Views: 956

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October 2009


Less than Half of Australian Workplaces

are Family Friendly

53% of women state the company they work for is not family friendly, according to the latest poll by the Heat


The poll of 616 women by the Heat Group, leading marketer to Australian women, found that only 47% of

respondents work for a company that promotes family friendly practices and ethos. 

93% believe employers need to make a bigger effort to allow women flexibility to integrate home needs with

their work pressures. 

Interestingly, 99% of those surveyed under the age of 24 believe this should be a focus, highlighting that

employees need to make this a priority as this generation becomes the dominant part of Australia’s workforce. 

“Australian employers need to step up and realise that providing a supportive work environment for

those with a family is not only essential but beneficial to the business” says Gillian Franklin, Managing

Director of the Heat Group. 

“Heat has focused on this since inception which has influenced excellent business and financial

growth. Unfortunately, many business leaders still see family friendly polices as a cost, not a benefit

and this mindset needs to change.”

With 94% of respondents stating that all Australian workplaces should be family friendly, companies need to

act on this sooner rather than later. 

“Family friendly workplaces result in happier employees and more productive business outcomes as the

intellectual property of workers is retained,” says Franklin. 

Recognised as an Employer of Choice, Heat’s family friendly policies have seen almost 90% of women return

to Heat after taking maternity leave and, most importantly, return to their previous role. As one of Australia’s

fastest growing cosmetic companies, Heat proves that SME’s can effectively support women and their careers. 

“Family friendly workplaces could offer flexible work options, paternity and maternity leave, and a culture which

supports a work family balance,” says Franklin. 

For further information or to interview Gillian Franklin contact: 

Elisa Tubecki

PR Manager – The Heat Group

M – 0437 457 611

T – (03) 8545 7191

E – elisat@heatgroup.com.au  

The Heat Group distributes leading cosmetic and accessory brands, Max Factor, CoverGirl, Bourjois, Ulta3 and Elite and is recognised

as one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurial companies. Founded in 2000, Heat prides itself on its unique company culture:

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