Collaborative Standards-setting Forum Starts Open Dialogue On The Health Of The Standards System

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21st November 2008, 03:55am - Views: 936

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Collaborative Standards-Setting Forum Starts Open Dialogue on the Health of the

Standards System

BRUSSELS, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    The Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) and the Center for European Law and

Economics (CELEC) today jointly launched an open dialogue about the health of the

standards system. Today's forum brought together a group of academics, industry

experts and government officials to discuss the standards-setting process and the

important role standards can play in the information, communication and

technology sector with implications for that sector's broader group of

stakeholders. This forum is one of several taking place in Brussels this week on

the standards-setting system.

    "We have established an important precedent in this debate," said Dr.

Christopher Stothers from the IPI. "Today's collaborative, open dialogue among

key stakeholders in the standards debate sheds light on the issues surrounding

possible improvements to the standards system and brings diverse voices into the


    "Standards can promote innovation and competition, fuel market growth and

protect investment. The standard-setting process should be designed to support

these objectives," said Dr. Mattias Ganslandt from the Center for European Law

and Economics. "Today we have started an open dialogue about the standards-

setting system that involves stakeholders from corporations, academia and


    Forum participants felt that the value of ICT standards in today's

interconnected economy cannot be over-stated. There was a general consensus that

standards can improve efficiency and interoperability. They allow different

products and services to work together better and improve product safety and

productivity for businesses and consumers. For instance, standards mean that

travelers can get cash from an ATM machine anywhere, any time, and from any bank

while standardized wireless technology allows users to connect to more than 2.3

million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world; granting access to the Internet at

Starbucks in London or Sydney, Australia. 

    "The main objective of today's discussion has been to focus on the interests

of relevant stakeholders vis-a-vis the standards process, so that we can ensure

that any proposed improvements will help us to accomplish the goals of

standardization," Dr. Stothers from the IPI explained. 

    This event is a launching point for a wide range of forums and discussions

surrounding the issue. It is the hope of the organizers that they will continue

to bring the full range of interested parties to the discussion in an honest,

open and collaborative fashion.

    "It is our belief that the consensus-based and voluntary standards-setting

system is working, but it can be improved through greater participation by all

stakeholders," said Dr. Ganslandt, from CELEC. "Our forum today was part of an

open and collaborative dialogue and involved parties that are interested in a

rich and robust standards-setting process.  This is the first of many such events

that can bring more diverse voices into the standards-setting process."

    For more information on this forum and on the collaborative and open

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SOURCE: Intellectual Property Institute; Center for European Law and Economics

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