Former High Court Chief Judge To Head Judicial Committee To Boost International Arbitration For Aust

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22nd October 2010, 12:20pm - Views: 445

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Media Release                                                                                 22  October 2010

Former High Court Chief Judge to head judicial

committee to boost international arbitration for


Former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Murray Gleeson AC will chair

a Judicial Liaison Committee which has been set up to co-ordinate responses to

recent legislative changes.

The Committee’s members include representatives from the Supreme Courts

and the Federal Court of Australia.  Its objectives include promoting uniformity

in rules and procedures concerning enforcement of arbitration agreements,

appointments of arbitrators, interim measures in support of arbitration, assistance

of the arbitral process, and enforcement of awards.

The opening of the Australian International Disputes Centre and recent reforms

to arbitration laws, at both a State and Federal level, have created a legal

framework to make Australia a regional hub for local and foreign companies to

resolve commercial disputes without resorting to costly and lengthy litigation.


President of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration,

Professor Doug Jones AM, who is a member of the Committee, said:

“International arbitration has emerged as the process of choice for businesses

in the global economy as international investors want to avoid the uncertainty

of litigation in foreign courts." 

The Committee with its expertise in judicial and arbitral experience will be an

integral part of the Australian arbitration infrastructure attracting international

arbitration business to Australia.


For more information:  Gianna Totaro, ACICA Media Relations

                                      0438 337 328


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