Structure A National Legal Profession That Benefits Lawyers And Consumers

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6th November 2009, 01:06pm - Views: 1052

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6 November 2009

Structure a National Legal Profession

that Benefits Lawyers and Consumers

Any new, uniform system regulating the practise of law in Australia must

be structured so that preserves the independence of the legal profession

and benefits consumers of legal services, the Law Council said today.

In its response to the Government’s Legal Profession Taskforce’s

Regulatory Framework paper, the Law Council outlined a number of

requirements that it believes the new system must satisfy.

Law Council President John Corcoran said, “One requirement that stands

above all others is the independence of the legal profession, which is of

critical importance to Australia’s system of justice.”  

“A vital part of having an independent legal profession is that its members

set the standards of professional conduct, and also play a part in the

regulation of the profession. The new system must accept these

fundamental propositions.”

Mr Corcoran said a new regulatory framework must also cater to the

needs of consumers. “Uniform and simplified laws are needed to ease the

compliance burden on lawyers and reduce costs and complexity. This will

result in a more efficient and affordable legal system for all Australians.”

“We support

the idea of a National Legal Services Board,

on which the

Law Council

is represented,

to oversee the operation of the national

framework,” he said. 

The Law Council also supports the notion of a National Legal Services

Ombudsman to administer and oversee a national complaints-handling

framework, provided that it leads to a reduction in the cost of managing

complaints and allows consumer disputes to be resolved efficiently.


legal profession is currently the most over-regulated profession in

the country. Moving to a truly national, uniform regulatory framework is in

the best interests of lawyers and consumers alike,”

Mr Corcoran


Media Contact:

Elenore Eriksson, Director Public Affairs 

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The Law Council of Australia exists to represent the legal profession

at the national level, to speak on behalf of its constituent bodies on

national issues, and to promote the administration of justice, access

to justice and general improvement of the law.

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