Friends, Fitness Or Financials... What Matters Most?

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8th February 2010, 07:00am - Views: 379




WHAT: New research reveals that Australians rate quality relationships as most important to them, ahead
of financial security, health and fitness, or career success. However, most Australians spend more
time checking their finances or exercising, than making time to spend with friends.

According to the NESCAF Relationships Survey, 99% of Australians believe that face-to-face time
together is a better way to develop deeper relationships. Despite their greater adoption of new
technology, even 79% of Gen Y agrees. However, time constraints are an issue when prioritising
weekly activities.

Today's internet age permits more connections and networks than ever before, but 77% of
Australians would rather spend extra time with their existing friends than make more, highlighting
the value Australians place on quality friendships over quantity.

Other key findings of the report include;

86% of Australians rate meeting up in person as one of the most common methods of keeping in
touch with people above email, facebook or SMS.

Over half of Australians have fallen victim to upsetting or embarrassing misunderstandings using
digital and electronic forms of communication including:

o 34% of people have been upset by a SMS or email because they had misread it.

o Nearly 1 in 4 people have sent a very personal email or text message to the wrong
person by mistake.

The main reason Australians spend less time with friends than they would like to is due to lack of

6 in 10 Australians that are in a relationship would like to spend more time with their partner
than they currently do.

7 in 10 Australians rate informal discussions over a coffee or in the kitchen, more productive
than formal business meetings.

WHO: Anne Hollonds is Relationships Australia Vice President and a psychologist with over 20 years
experience in relationship and family services, interpersonal skills and organisational

Anne is available to discuss the research findings, relationship trends and provide relationship

WHEN: Monday 8th February, 2010

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