Nimby Attitudes Obstruct Affordable Housing In Australia

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4th December 2009, 07:41pm - Views: 711

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Release date: 4th December 2009

NIMBY attitudes obstruct affordable housing in Australia

National Shelter and Shelter New South Wales today responded to protests towards public

housing developments in Sydney, claiming that the ‘Not in my back yard’ approach, was

obstructing governments goal of achieving an affordable and fair housing system in Australia.

While recognising the need for a balanced planning system, Executive Officer of Shelter NSW,

Mary Perkins said that the anti public housing sentiment was doing more harm than good in


“More and more households are requiring public housing, and to provide some security for

those facing homelessness, government’s need to build public housing where it is needed

most,” Mary Perkins said.

Following on from the launch of the National Shelter policy platform, ‘Housing Australia

Affordably’, Chairperson of National Shelter Adrian Pisarski is disappointed that negative

attitudes towards public and affordable housing are still rife in communities.

“Given the vast improvements that have been made to public housing dwellings over the years

as well as the increasing rate of homelessness among families, it is frustrating that people are

still unable to prioritise affordable housing,” Mr Pisarski said.

“We are all vulnerable to homelessness and housing stress. If any of these protesters were to

experience homelessness at some time in their life, I’m sure they would be relying on the

availability of public housing,” he concluded.

‘Housing Australia Affordably’ is available for downloading on the National Shelter website


For further information:

Mary Perkins, Executive Officer of Shelter NSW

Jasmine McCormack, Communications Officer Ph: 0430 227 787

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