Ohs Conference & Show: New Laws Debated, Stress, Economy

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26th October 2009, 12:57pm - Views: 924

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Organised by: Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd

Level 2, 267 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Presented by

Safety Institute of Australia 

(NSW Division)


October 27 – 29

Where: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park


The Safety Conference draws about 1,000 delegates to hear 80 local and o'seas experts

The Safety Show and Sydney Materials Handling trade shows bring about 10,000 people


Hosted by the Safety Institute of Australia (NSW), sponsored by WorkCover NSW


October 27

The new OHS laws: employers, ACTU, the regulator, lawyers and academics speak out

The most rigorous analysis you'll get of the controversial national model OHS laws. Includes a

panel discussion with representatives from all sides from 4pm. 

OHS now sexy for investors

AMP senior research analyst Dr Ian Woods tells why OHS performance is a marker of a sound


October 28

Human interest: Oh $#!^ The effect of 24 fractures

Safety psych David Broadbent talks freely about surviving a near-fatal incident and what it means

for safety programs.

Could 'zero harm' be killing our people? 

Phillip Byard considers the merits of the Zero Harm concept and whether some deaths and

serious injuries could be prevented with a different approach.

Ageing workforce

Wayne Bishop says the GFC means one in three mature workers now plans to keep working until

they're at least 70. Examines the business impacts. Prof Joseph Ibrahim look at how changes in

brain and body vs knowledge and experience affect older workers' safety.

October 29

Stress – the real causes, how to harness it and the science that shows meditation works

Workplace psych David Brown explains that stress is actually: tired, upset, disillusioned, and/or

afraid. Dr Helena Popovic teaches how to raise your stress threshold and thrive under stress. Dr

Ramesh Manocha reveals results of a study showing meditation beats work stress. 

Moot Court

An entertaining case study involving OHS law expert Michael Tooma and the Deacons OHS team

More info and media passes: Marian Macdonald, Firefly Marketing. Phone: (03) 9736 4334,

mobile: (0421) 530 944 or email: marianm@fireflymarketing.com.au 

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