Productivity Commission Draft Report On Gambling

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21st October 2009, 05:49pm - Views: 776

21 October 2009



Today’s release of the Productivity Commission’s draft report on gambling presents

challenges and opportunities for the industry, according to the Gaming Technology

Association’s Chief Executive, Ross Ferrar.

The Productivity Commission’s draft report contains a number of recommendations that

are likely to be detrimental to the 140,000 Australians employed in hospitality venues as a

result of the gaming machine industry.

The GTA welcomes the Productivity Commission’s observation that the vast majority of

people who play poker machines do so as “a normal and enjoyable recreational pursuit”.  

“We all need to keep this in perspective when considering the Commission’s draft

recommendations.  Gaming machines are designed to entertain and the vast majority of

people play for entertainment – a point we will continue to make in our submissions over

the next two months,” said Mr Ferrar 

He added, “The GTA supports the commission’s draft recommendations on improvements

to regulatory processes and research. The GTA has long called for national standards and

consistency to reduce red tape and independent, reliable gaming statistics.

“We recognize the problem in drawing stats together on problem gambling and welcome

the PC’s recommendation for the establishment of a National Research Institute”, he


In its draft report, the Commission recognizes that technological developments offer the

prospect of better gambling experiences for consumers, and also new ways of providing

effective harm minimization.  

The GTA agrees that technology will play an important role in our industry’s future – a role

that can provide access to world class entertainment and the highest standards of

responsible gambling.

“We need national uniform standards in regard to any national harm minimization

measures and for that matter all regulations across the gaming machine industry”

For further information call:

Ross Ferrar

Tim Allerton

Gaming Technologies Association

City PR

(02) 8216 0931 or 0418 686 075

(02) 9267 4511 or 0412 715 707

Gaming Technologies Association

Level 34, Bridge Street Sydney   NSW   20000 Australia

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Australia is a world leader in gaming machine technology and manufacturing.

More than 140,000 Australians are employed in hospitality venues as a result of the

electronic gaming machine (EGM) industry.

2,200 are directly employed in the supply of gaming machines in Australia

Australia’s EGM industry contributes to 3.5 per cent of Australia’s GDP.

Australia’s EGM industry is a valuable export industry – exports of gaming machines

are approximately $1 billion annually

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