December Quarter Australian Social Trends - Out Next Week!

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3rd December 2009, 02:33pm - Views: 1009

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December 3, 2009


December quarter Australian Social Trends - out next week!

ATTENTION: Chiefs of Staff and News Editors

Australian Social Trends is a quarterly analysis of Australian society which provides a rich

source of story material for both news and feature writers. 

An ABS spokesperson will be available for interviews at the Press Gallery, Canberra on

release day (10 December) from 11.30 am.  To ensure an interview time, please call to

pre-book by calling Richard Lynch (02) 6252 6139. 

Articles in the December quarter issue of Australian Social Trends include: 

Smoking, risky drinking and obesity: Looks at the prevalence of three prominent

health risks in Australian society and the changes over time related to these risks.

Jobless families: Discusses jobless families (with children under 15 years of age),

looking at the circumstances and socioeconomic characteristics of these families

Living alone: Presents analysis on people who live alone, including how much

contact they have with family and friends, as well as whether they would prefer to

have more contact.

Patterns in work: Looks at the working patterns of Australians, particularly those

people who may be working outside of the traditional business hours or working on

a weekend.

Preschool attendance: Looks at the attendance of children aged three to five

years at preschools and preschool programs, as well as the associated costs and

the reasons why children attended a particular preschool or program.

International comparisons: Compares Australia with various other OECD

countries in a range of areas, including population growth trends, health risk factors

and imprisonment rates. 


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