Indigenous Unemployment Remains At 14%: Abs

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22nd May 2008, 02:08pm - Views: 974

Indigenous unemployment remains at 14%: ABS

The Indigenous unemployment rate has remained steady, according to a report

released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The unemployment rate for Indigenous people during 2007 was 14%, the same as


The labour force participation rate was 56%, down from 59% in 2006. The

participation rate is the number of people in the labour force as a percentage of

working age (15 and over) people.

There was a total of 158,000 Indigenous people over the age of 15 in employment, a

decrease of 2,200 on the 2006 figure.

The number of Indigenous employed people as a percentage of the Indigenous

population was 48%, down from 50% in 2006. 

The lowest employment to population ratio (46%) was experienced in remote areas.

Further details are in Labour Force Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander Australians: Estimates from the Labour Force Survey, 2007 (cat. no. 6287.0)

Media note:

The small number of Indigenous people in the labour force survey, along with

collection difficulties in remote areas means that there are statistical issues with the

estimates. Media intending to undertake detailed reporting on the topic should read

the explanatory notes in the publication.


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