Bolwell Rv Makes Brilliant Debut At Leisurefest

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13th October 2010, 06:51pm - Views: 1252

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The crowds looked inside, outside, even under the new

Bolwell Edge from Bolwell RV at Melbourne Leisurefest – and

the first order was signed before the end of the show.

13 October 2010



Bolwell RV makes brilliant debut at Leisurefest 

Australia’s newest caravan manufacturer

made a brilliant debut at Melbourne

Leisurefest when Bolwell RV revealed its

radical new Edge “luxury soft-roader”


Thousands checked out the stylish new van,

hundreds made serious sales enquiries – and

before the four-day debut showing was over,

the first customer had paid a deposit.

“I came here specially to see this van,” was a common remark from people who came to see

what would result when a builder of tough trucks and sleek sports cars designed and built a

lightweight, fully bonded composite van.

Bolwell marketing director Owen Bolwell said feedback on the van exceeded the

expectations of everyone in the Bolwell team, including his brother Vaughan, who was

responsible for the clean-sheet design.

“We knew we had something special – and Vaughan had put two years into refining every

element of the design – but we were blown away by people’s responses,” he said.

“They liked it when they saw pictures, then liked it even more when they saw it for real – but

they liked it most of all when they got inside the van and checked out all the finer details.

“The strongest interest was from people who have had rugged off-road camper trailers and

want to move on to something more comfortable and luxurious for their travels.

“People recognised the Edge as a different kind of van from what they have enjoyed with

their camper trailers, more of a ‘soft-roader’ than a full-on off-roader, combining Subaru-style

levels of off-road ability with real comfort and impeccable design and finish.”

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Bolwell Corporation, 37 Wells Road, Mordialloc VIC 3195 Australia.       T: (03) 8586 5500

Mr Bolwell said there had been surprisingly few suggestions for any changes, although

Bolwell RV was planning several detail refinements for the production models.

“What people really appreciated was the great attention to every detail of equipment, design

and finish, and they simply didn’t seem to have any criticisms, not even any major

suggestions,” he said.

“Many were amazed at the light weight, with an ATM of just 1560kg so it can be towed by

light four-wheel-drives and regular family sedans; one owner of an X-Trail found it hard to

believe that such a substantial and well-equipped van would tow easily behind his car.

“The other thing that impressed many people was the price which, at $56,950 fully equipped

with TV, sound system, dual kitchens and off-road suspension package, was comfortably

below what they had expected.”

Bolwell RV has already begun to ramp up for full production – drawing on almost 50 years of

automotive and industrial manufacturing in advanced composites – and expects to make the

first deliveries in February.

Production will take place at Bolwell’s Mordialloc and Seaford factories, with a target of

building up to one unit per day from July next year.

The Edge is designed to tow easily and economically behind medium-sized tow vehicles

such as a Subaru Outback, and feedback at the show suggests many people will also tow

with standard family sedans such as Falcons and Commodores.

For more information visit or phone Owen Bolwell on 0417 397 959.

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More information:

Owen Bolwell

(03) 8586 5500 or 0417 397 959

Media inquiries & images:

Greg Shoemark

(03) 9898 5570 or 0412 316 928

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