Installation Of Traffic Camera In Griffith

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26th October 2010, 06:55pm - Views: 554

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26 OCTOBER 2010


Traffic efficiency and safety are being improved at the intersection of Ulong and

Wakaden streets and Burrell Place in Griffith with the installation of a traffic

surveillance camera. 

The new closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, the first of its kind in the city, will be

used to monitor the traffic lights and railway level crossing at this busy intersection. 

It will form part of the RTA’s network of more than 600 CCTV cameras which are a

crucial tool in the management of traffic incidents and flows at key locations across


These cameras form the eyes of the Transport Management Centre which manages

the NSW road network around the clock, seven days a week, through the use of

advanced technologies and systems.

This camera will also be used to generate the live traffic reports available on the RTA

website and via the Traffic Information line on 132 701. 

The cameras are never used to catch or fine motorists.

Motorists are encouraged to report incidents affecting traffic including crashes and

breakdowns by calling the centre’s 24-hour number, 131 700. 

Motorists are also reminded to take care at these traffic lights as there continues to

be some confusion about the turning arrows.

A green arrow means you can only turn in that direction. A red arrow means you

must wait behind the stop line until the arrow turns green or disappears, even if there

is no traffic on the road.

Care should be taken when driving through the intersection at all times.

Even when drivers have a green light it is very important that they approach the

intersection at a speed which is appropriate to the conditions and allows them to

react to avoid a crash.


RTA Media Unit   8588 5999

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