Nrma To Campaign For Fairer Demerit System: Graham Blight

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11th October 2010, 10:00am - Views: 1056

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11 October 2010: NRMA Motoring & Services local Director Graham Blight

said the NRMA would work for a fairer demerit system for local motorists, following

new research that found broad support for change.

An NRMA survey of almost 1,071 motorists in NSW found almost two-thirds (62%) support

reducing the amount of time demerit points are kept on a licence from three years to two and

95 per cent support reductions in the cost of licence renewals for drivers with a clean record. 

The NRMA survey also found more than half (53%) support increasing the number of demerit

points on a full NSW licence from 12 to 13.

In addition to these improvements the NRMA is also calling on the NSW Government to

consider a system currently in place overseas, whereby drivers booked for a low-range traffic

offence can forgo the fine and demerit points if they attend a one-day driver training course at

their own expense. 

Each motorist will be given this option once every three years.

Mr Blight said motorists in western NSW would often raise their frustration about the current

demerit system.

“The overwhelming majority of motorists are responsible drivers,” Mr Blight said.

“Nobody condones bad driver behavior.

“But over the last 40 years the policing methods on our roads have expanded considerably

with mobile speed cameras and safety cameras introduced only this year. 

“By adopting the proposals put by the NRMA the NSW Government can make life a little

easier and fairer for motorists while ensuring a demerit system that punishes bad behavior,

especially for repeat offenders.”

The NRMA survey found 23 per cent of motorists had received a traffic infringement over the

last two years. The survey also found:


Almost 40 per cent (39%) were unaware that a full licence had 12 demerit points 


Almost 10 per cent (7%) had been booked during a double demerit period


More than one-third (35%) were unaware that safety cameras operate in NSW 

“Most drivers are decent, law abiding citizens and to expect all motorists to go through their

driving lives without ever making a mistake is unrealistic,” Mr Blight said.

“Now is the ideal time to make the demerit system work better for all road users.”


Contact: Lisa Kable 0439 133 113

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