Nrma Welcomes M2 Upgrade

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10th July 2008, 05:57pm - Views: 726

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Thursday 10 July 2008


NRMA Motoring & Services has welcomed the NSW


decision to commence negotiations with M2 operator

Transurban to upgrade the congested M2 motorway in Sydney’s North West.

NRMA Director Coral Taylor said NRMA fully supported plans to upgrade the busy motorway

which carries around 110,000 vehicles a day.

“Motorists using the M2 will be pleased to learn the east and westbound carriageways are to

be widened to

ease the congestion which makes their commuting lives a daily grind,” Ms

Taylor said.

“NRMA is looking forward to working closely with the government on the proposals as they are

developed to ensure the needs of the motorists using that route are properly addressed.

“We would also like to see more details on any proposed road and toll changes to gauge their

impact on motorists.

Important upgrades to the M2 motorway include:

A new park and ride bus interchange at Herring Road and a new eastbound bus lane.

This builds on the success of the existing M2 bus services.

West facing on and off ramps at Windsor Road which the NRMA has long been calling


New east facing on and off ramps at Herring Road which will improve access to the

Macquarie Business Park and to Macquarie University.

A change to full cashless tolling providing the Roads and Traffic Authority ensures

there is a casual user pass that works on all of Sydney’s toll roads.

Ms Taylor said the widening of the eastbound carriageway in particular was important as it

would improve travel times by reducing congestion at this key bottleneck.

“The permanent widening to three westbound lanes is also a vital change as it will allow the

speed limit to increase from 70km/h to an appropriate motorway speed limit,” Ms Taylor said.

“These vital upgrades will also pave the way for a future link to the F3, a crucial missing link in

Sydney’s road network which will help deal with our cities rapid population growth.

“These improvements are welcomed as an important step in addressing Sydney’s key road

infrastructure priorities.”


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