Think Vehicle Safety During Worksafe Week

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28th October 2010, 04:08pm - Views: 1109

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For immediate use                                                                Thursday October 28 2010

Think Vehicle Safety during WorkSafe Week

VACC, in support of WorkSafe Week 2010 (October 25 – 29), insists that anyone

associated with a work related vehicle reads the ‘Guide to Safe Work Related Driving’. 

According to Safe Work Australia, during the period July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010,

there were 124 work related notified fatalities in Australia. Vehicle accidents, including

10 on public roads, caused 26 fatalities.* 

The Guide to Safe Work Related Driving is a booklet produced by WorkSafe Victoria,

the Transport Accident Commission and VACC and is essential reading for employers

of commercial and company vehicles, and their drivers. 

The Guide covers important issues associated with work related vehicles including

health and safety laws, risk management, selecting and maintaining a work related

vehicle and managing factors such as speed, drugs and alcohol, fatigue and mobile

phone use. 

“The Guide to Safe Work Related Driving should be compulsory reading for employers

and employees, who manage or drive any work related vehicle. Reading it could save

lives,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said. 

“Put simply, work vehicles are work places and all health and safety regulations that

apply to machinery and plant that you would find in a factory apply to a work related

vehicle. Whether you manage a fleet or a single commercial vehicle, this Guide

applies to you

“Drivers can no longer think a company car or works van is someone else’s problem.

Drivers of work related vehicles have responsibilities and they should work with their

fleet manager to comply with the relevant road safety laws. 

“In particular, VACC encourages employers and employees to note the ‘maintain a

safe fleet’ section. The Guide recommends regular vehicle servicing in accordance

with manufacturer’s specifications and scheduled annual vehicle inspections.

“Work place safety applies 24/7 but we hope that during WorkSafe Week all employers

and employees stop to think about it,” Mr Purchase said. 

Download a copy of the Guide to Safe Work Related Driving at

*this number may be underreported as several jurisdictions do not include work related deaths caused by vehicle

accidents on public roads in their notification systems – Safe Work Australia.

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