Vacc Calls For Stringent, But Affordable, Motorcycle Training

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12th October 2010, 03:15pm - Views: 955

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October 12 2010

VACC calls for stringent, but affordable, motorcycle training

VACC welcomes recent comments made by Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner,

Ken Lay, in relation to the unprecedented number of motorcycle fatalities this year. 

In radio interviews, Mr Lay confirmed that 40 people had died in motorcycle crashes

during 2010, eleven more than the five year average. Eight of the deaths have

occurred since October 1. 

Mr Lay said there were a ‘whole host of reasons’ why the road toll for motorcyclists

was higher than previous years, but added that in 78 per cent of cases, ‘poor

decisions’ by riders were to blame. 

“VACC supports Mr Lay’s honest appraisal of the situation. Of course, we are

saddened by the high number of road fatalities and join the chorus of calls for

improved licensing and training,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said. 

VACC represents riders of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs), that is to say

motorcyclists and scooter owners, through its Motorcycle Industry Division. 

“VACC, again, calls for more stringent training for all road users, from scooter riders to

car and truck drivers. Higher standards of driver and rider training, as in Europe, would

go a long way to improving the skills set of all Australian road users, and reducing the

road toll. 

“While the quality of training should be improved, it should also be affordable. A

proposal for motorcyclists to undertake training at a cost of up to $13,000 for 120

hours of supervision with an accredited trainer is too expensive and will deter people

from learning how to ride properly. 

“Instead of discouraging riders of PTWs, we should be promoting the fact that they are

cost efficient, environmentally friendly and congestion cutting modes of personal

transport,” Mr Purchase said. 


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