Women's Own Cultural And Historical Adventure In Sabah, Borneo

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17th February 2009, 04:21pm - Views: 639

Women’s Own Cultural and Historical Adventure

in Sabah, Borneo

Explore a mystical land on our journey into Sabah, a place teeming with wildlife and

natural beauty. Malaysian Borneo is one of nature’s most exciting playgrounds. From

rugged mountain tops to idyllic islands, this land is a blueprint for true adventure.

Pockets of pristine wilderness cover much of these Malaysian provinces, but there are

also some fascinating modern cities and contrasting traditional villages to be explored.

We visit remote communities where our local friends introduce us to their traditions

and customs. You’ll remember every minute of this unforgettable adventure!

This special trip combines the best elements of a wildlife adventure, cultural

interaction with the local people as well as an important moment of our history. This

trip is fully escorted by renowned Historian Lynette Silver, author of the

internationally acclaimed book ‘Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence’. 

In 1942-43, over 2,500 Allied prisoners of war were transferred from Singapore to

Sandakan, Borneo, to provide slave labour for an airstrip. Three years later, at war's

end, only six were left alive. The fate of the others remained shrouded in uncertainty

and mystery until 1998, when Lynette Silver broke the conspiracy of silence which

had lasted 53 years. Join her as she unravels the story behind Sandakan's tragedy - one

of world War II's most deadly secrets.

Australian history and Australians at war in the Far East have been the passion of

Sydney-based author Lynette Ramsay Silver for more than 20 years. Lynette, who has

published a great deal of her research, has amassed comprehensive archival material

on all her specialised subjects, particularly information on the fate of many hundreds

of Allied soldiers and prisoners of war who died in Borneo (Sabah) in the Sandakan

and Ranau POW Camps, and on one of the infamous death marches. Using data not

readily available to the general public. Lynette is able to provide replicas of POW

Death Records as well as other relevant information.

Lynette will provide expert historical commentary on the Death Marches of

Australian and British POW’s during World War Two. She knows the Sabah region

like the back of her hand, having travelled there extensively over many years.

Experienced, local English and Malaysian speaking guides also accompany this trip.

The track cut for the death marches soon became completely overgrown and for sixty

years defied all efforts to locate it. However, in August 2005, Australian investigative

writer and historian, Lynette Silver, and Tham Yau Kong, Sabah’s premier trekking

specialist, combined their considerable talents to identify the path taken by the

prisoners of war. After sixty years, you too can now walk in the footsteps of the Death

March heroes.

This trip offers a unique experience for those who are reasonably fit and with a spirit

of adventure. The scenery is fantastic, and the historical and cultural experiences


You will also learn about ancient traditions, Homestay with the Dusun people, Get

close and make friends with the amazing Orangutans, Witness sea turtles lay their

eggs, Trek the Mt Kinabalu Heritage Walk, Be inspired by incredible views, Stay at

the Sabah Tea Plantation, Enjoy scouring the local markets in Kota Kinabalu and 

spoil yourself with a massage and spa treatment. 

Cultural and Historical Adventure in Sabah, Borneo

12days departing 31st July 2009

Price: $2,755 (land content only)

Package Price: $4,490 (including airfares and taxes)

Contact: Marika Martinez

Ph: 1300 883 475 or 0449 570 102

E: info@womensownadventure.com.au

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