Australian Domestic Violence Victim Backs Rihanna's Outpour

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13th November 2009, 07:44pm - Views: 943

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White Ribbon Day will be held on November 25th

It is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


13 November 2009

Australian Domestic Violence Victim 

backs Rihanna’s outpour

In the wake of POP star Rihanna breaking her silence over her assault by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, a brave Australian woman is

also speaking out about her experiences of abuse during an abusive relationship with the release of her book, Bruises on the


In her brave and incredibly inspiring debut title, Victorian mother of three Jennifer Hepburn shares how emotional and

psychological abuse can be just as damaging, and of course there is always the danger it may become physical as well, as in

Rihanna’s case.

“While broken bones and black eyes will eventually heal, there are forms of abuse that can take far longer, and sometimes never

do…. These are the Bruises on the Inside, hence the reason for the title of my book,” says Hepburn. 

“As Rihanna has said in recent interviews, domestic violence of any form is still for many a big secret," she adds. "As difficult as

the subject can be to broach, more people need to share their stories to help the many lives still being affected on a daily basis.

After a long time I am finally in a space where I am in a position to do so through my book,” she says. 

Hepburn says she thinks it is great Rihanna is becoming the unofficial spokesperson for victims of domestic violence. 

“A young celebrity such as Rihanna is a great unofficial spokesperson because it shows these situations really can happen to

anyone – from celebrities to everyday people.”

In the process of compiling her book which is a combination of Hepburn’s experiences and valuable academic explanations of the

behavior of typical perpetrators, Hepburn spoke to many women from a wide variety of backgrounds about their domestic

violence experiences on an anonymous basis. Her discoveries showed that all forms of abuse bear common and chilling

hallmarks and themes. She says for instance the fact Rihanna reconciled with her partner on numerous occasions before finally

leaving him is totally normal – the statistic is that most women go back an average of 7-8 times before they finally leave am

abusive partner.

The book will be launched during White Ribbon Week, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


To arrange interviews or photos with the author Jennifer Hepburn or Deb Bryant, CEO of Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service contact Lahnee

Thomas or Yvette Adams of The Creative Collective on 07 545 11315 or 0405 022 977 or

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