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28th October 2008, 02:56pm - Views: 1042

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–– Expert comment on women business leaders ––

New research shows the number of women on corporate boards and in top

management positions has fallen to 10 per cent in 2008, down from 12 per cent

two years ago.

The survey by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency

released today shows just one in 10 executive managers in Australia's top 200

companies are women.

What does research show about the barriers for women in business?

What is the impact of the gender pay gap, at all levels of the workplace ladder?

What strategies can employers and governments use to address the systemic

barriers to women’s representation at the highest levels of business?

RMIT University’s Robyn Dale is an expert on women in the workplace.

Ms Dale has researched extensively on women and women’s work including part-

time work, pay equity, women and finances and creating respectful workplaces.

A lecturer in organisational studies and contemporary management issues at

RMIT, Ms Dale leads the URCOT applied research centre, which studies issues

faced by women at work, at home and in wider society.

The centre wrote the research report Pay Equity: How to Address the Gender Pay

Gap in 2005 for Industrial Relations Victoria.

Ms Dale is available for interview on issues related to the 2008 EOWA Census of

Women in Leadership.

For interviews: RMIT University’s Robyn Dale, 9663 4555 or 0414 706 148.

For general media enquiries: RMIT University Media and Communications,

Gosia Kaszubska, (03) 9925 3176 or 0417 510 735.

28 October, 2008

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