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September 2009

The Child within

the Lotus

Human Behaviour from Birth

Margaret Stephenson Meere

Have you noticed a newborn baby’s amazing ability to be ‘in’ the moment? A new

holistic parenting guide taps into ancient philosophy to reveal a practical and

spiritual path for the parent and child of our modern era.

Rockpool Publishing; RRP:$34.99 paperback; ISBN: 978 1 921295 16 4


The Child Within the Lotus is a groundbreaking spiritual parenting guide from the author of the

bestselling Baby’s First 100 Days. Blending current western knowledge with eastern wisdom, the book

demystifies baby behaviour to empower new parents to effectively guide and nurture a child physically,

emotionally and spiritually through their stages of growth. 

Author Margaret Stephenson Meere is a qualified midwife and Early Childhood and Family Health Nurse

who specialised in assisting parents to cope with newborns, infants and young children. 

‘I have learnt through counselling new parents that there is a need to talk about the spiritual journey that

comes with the birthing process, parenting and the understanding of our child,’ she says.

Drawing on Eastern philosophies of consciousness and energies of the body, each chapter is arranged

to correspond with a different stage of child development. From birth to two years of age and beyond,

normal age appropriate behaviour is explained with practical advice on how to read the signs of

tiredness, different types of crying and establishing sleeping patterns. A wealth of essential parenting

topics related to spiritual development is also explored, including;

A Newborn baby’s first 40 days this is the ‘birthing period’ when rest is essential for both mother

and child. “Modern society demands too much of the mother and her baby in this period, which can lead

to over stimulation and over handling of the baby”.  

The Baby’s First 100 days offers an understanding of the ‘initiation into growth’ period, which is the

foundation of things to come. A time when the baby will use his or her survival reflexes, the sense of smell

is the most developed sense and a baby finds his ‘inner stillness.’

The Infant’s first year a time of ‘individuation’ for the child, Margaret explains a infant’s developing

sense of self as separate from others in order to develop his own strength and character. 

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The two-years old toddler A time known as the ‘challenging twos’ but this period in a child’s life is his

beginning development of self control and also a young child’s change of communication through oral

language, a challenging time for both parent and child that can be harnessed into ‘amazing creativity’

and self-expression. 

The child of eight years and beyond Offering an ‘enlightened’ approach to parenting, from

understanding the different intelligences to realising how the patterns of the parent can strengthen or

retard a child’s growth, The Child Within the Lotus offers a path to ‘parenting with vision.’ 

The Child Within the Lotus, a book full of fascinating insights into the psychological aspects of human

growth and behaviour, draws on everyday language that will resonate with all new parents. It is both an

essential parenting resource and an inspirational guide that seeks to foster emotional as well as physical

well-being. This is a book for everyone, whether you are parenting a little child, considering having a child

or even thinking about your own childhood and wanting to parent your own personal development. 


Margaret Stephenson Meere, BA BHSc, is an Early Childhood Health

Practitioner based in Sydney.

A registered nurse/midwife, with working experience in both Australia

and the UK spanning nearly four decades, she came to the realisation in the

1980s that education and prevention, rather than cure, is preferable for a

healthy life experience.

Margaret brings to her work a belief in holistic medicine, having trained

in Cranio-sacral therapy (Paediatrics) with the Upledger Institute and also in

Hellerwork postural correction and counselling. She studied Human

Bioscience with a major in History to complete her Bachelor of Arts. Her work

as an Early Childhood and Family Health Nurse Specialist commenced after

she completed her Tresillian training.

A mother of four sons and grandmother to four delightful grandchildren

she spends most of her time on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Margaret’s first book, Baby’s First 100 Days, was published in 2001.

The Child Within the Lotus

by Margaret Stephenson Meere is published by Rockpool, June 2009.

RRP $34.99

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