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30th June 2008, 03:22pm - Views: 19210

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The results of an Australian sexual survey will be published tomorrow in the book Sex Lives of

Australian Women by Joan Sauers.

“This book is a call for a new age of sexual enlightenment...when women don't compare

their bodies or their sexual performance to porn stars...when sex education at home and in

schools isn't just about disease and contraception but about pleasure and respect...when

the media celebrates healthy sexuality as much as it does violence...when men do as

much housework as women when they're both working full-time (so she has the interest in

and energy for sex!). Having it all was never supposed to mean doing it all. And for all the

sisters who have been doing it for themselves, it's time to let the guys join in the fun.” –

Joan Sauers

Some of the statistical results of the survey include: 

One out of five women have starred in their own sex tape

22% of women surveyed have had some sexual experience with other women (even

though less than 12% identify as lesbian or bi-sexual)

One out of four women surveyed look at porn regularly (at least once a month)

Half the women surveyed have had ‘phone sex’

Most women surveyed want more sex than they are getting

One out of three women surveyed have been forced to have sex 

In late 2007 nearly two thousand Australian women responded to author Joan Sauers’s

anonymous online sex survey –they were aged from 20 to 70, they were straight, bisexual,

lesbian and bi-curious. They were single, dating, de-facto and married, and all had varying levels

of sexual experience.

Sex Lives of Australian Women is an exploration of the results of this survey, going beyond the

statistics and presenting Australian women’s stories and opinions about sex. Assisted by a

clinical psychologist specialising in sexual and mental health, Sauers analysed the information

and responses she received to build a thorough and enlightening picture of the sex lives of

Australian women and to create a forum in which women’s voices could be heard. 

About the author

Joan Sauers is a screenwriter, script editor, film development executive and an author of nine

books on health, parenting and relationships, including Sex Lives of Australian Teenagers

JOAN SAUERS IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW.  Please contact Annabel Rijks at Random

House Australia on 0407 400 606.

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