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Is Gen Y’s choice of contraception matching their lifestyle?

An online survey conducted by Marie Stopes International Australia showed that half of the women

who responded had experienced an unplanned pregnancy, with 63 percent of those being under the

age of 24 at the time.¹

An awareness campaign called “Choice not Chance” ² is calling on young women to learn more

about contraception, to be aware of their options, and to talk to their healthcare professional about

contraceptive choice. 

“Young women’s choices and lifestyles have changed over time and their contraceptive options have

too. Marie Stopes International Australia is endorsing this important campaign because we’re keen to

ensure that Generation Y is aware of the ever evolving contraception options. It’s important for them

to make choices about contraception that suit their lifestyle and life stage,” said Jill Michelson,

National Clinical Advisor, Marie Stopes International Australia.

“Young women may find contraceptive choice a minefield. We find in our clinical experience that

young women are often unclear about the many options available to them. For example, there are

long-term reversible or daily options available that a woman can use which return her to pre-existing

fertility when she is ready.  

A new website - www.whatcontraceptiveareyou.com.au - is encouraging young women to ask

questions about contraceptive options by providing factual information about types of contraception. A

confidential online questionnaire has also been developed to assist women to have an informed

discussion with their GP, nurse or health professional about contraceptive choices.

To learn more about the range of contraceptive options available in Australia visit:

www.whatcontraceptiveareyou.com.au, or call Marie Stopes International experts on toll free 1800

772 727 or talk to your GP.




Marie Stopes International. “Real Choices: women, contraception and unplanned pregnancy” Survey, 2008.


Choice not Chance is an awareness campaign that is endorsed by Marie Stopes International and sponsored by MSD.

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Western Australia.

Marie Stopes International Australia also provides life saving support to eight country partner

programs in the Asia-Pacific and with Indigenous communities.  Surplus funds from our Australian

centres are donated to help these programs grow.

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Interviews available with Jill Michelson, National Clinical Advisor, 

Marie Stopes International Australia after 9 November 2010

For further information please contact: 

Sarah Reed – sarah.reed@publicislifebrands.com.au  Ph: 0421 327 366

Kath Markov kath.markov@mariestopes.org.au     Ph: 0421 097 150

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