Funding Deal For Catholic Schools

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11th November 2009, 05:37pm - Views: 503

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Wednesday 11 November 2009

New funding deal for Catholic schools 

Chair of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV), Bishop

Timothy Costelloe, has welcomed the announcement of a $1.4 billion package over

four years for Catholic schools, calling it a positive step towards a sustainable funding

arrangement for the sector. 

The Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, Bishop Costelloe, the Director of Catholic

Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Stephen Elder, the Premier John Brumby

and the Education Minister, Bronwyn Pike were present at today’s signing of a

Memorandum of Understanding at Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne.

The package includes an additional $268 million, with indexation of new funding

expected to deliver a total of $274 million.

Bishop Costelloe said about 186,000 students at 486 Catholic schools across Victoria

would benefit. More than 22% of students in Victoria are educated at a Catholic


Mr Elder added, “Parents have confidence in our system and are continuing to show

that the identity and ethos of Catholic schools is integral in their decision making. 

“The State Government agrees that education is about choice and parents have the

right to send their children to a non-government school. Parents, therefore, should not

be financially disadvantaged in any way if they choose a Catholic school. We have

always argued that there should be equitable funding amongst all school sectors.

“I would like to thank the State Government for listening and acting on our concerns.”

Mr Elder said the additional funding provided the opportunity to establish equitable

funding to students with disabilities in Catholic schools. “This agreement will support

the choice of Catholic families regardless of their economic circumstances,” he said. 

“The new agreement represents a significant step towards our goal of Victorian

Government funding equivalent to 25% of the cost of education in a government

school, and we will work with the government over the next 12 months toward

achieving this outcome,” Mr Elder said.

Further information from David Ahern, Media, Catholic Education Office

Melbourne, on 9267 0228 or 0418 351 383.

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