Australians Most Confident In Local Opportunities

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15th January 2010, 01:54pm - Views: 823

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Australians most confident in local opportunities

Globally, more and more professionals are looking to develop their careers overseas to add

international exposure to their CV, according to a survey conducted by international

recruitment consultancy Robert Walters.

In an online web poll, professional candidates from around the world were asked whether

they thought international experience was important to their career development. Of 1538

respondents, more than half (57%) thought it was vital and international exposure had already

been gained. 19% of respondents thought it was very important and sought to work abroad in

the next year, 15% thought it was quite important with the intention to gain overseas exposure

in the next five years and only 9% of respondents felt they had all the job opportunities

needed in their home country. 

Although 83% of Australians agreed that international experience was important albeit at

varying levels, 17% of respondents felt it was not important and stated that they had all the

job opportunities needed in the local market. This was the highest percentage across all 16

countries polled. Of those professionals in Asia Pacific – 98% in Hong Kong felt international

experience was important, alongside 97.5% of Singaporeans. None of those Japanese

professionals polled felt they had all the opportunities needed in their local market. 

In Australia 53% of professionals polled have already gained international exposure with

another 16% planning to work abroad in the next year, and 14% looking to gain overseas

exposure in the next five years. 

James Nicholson, Managing Director of Robert Walters, Australia commented:

“Having international experience on your CV opens doors. Increasingly, our clients are

asking for professionals with overseas exposure due to their broader commercial

outlook, making these candidates particularly attractive to those firms with

international operations. It seems the norm today for professionals to consider a stint

overseas if they’re serious about building an impressive CV.”

For further information or for full results please contact:

Frances Denny

Marketing Manager, Australia



Robert Walters is a leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy. Established in

1985, Robert Walters has built a global presence, with 38 offices now spanning 17 countries

across five continents.

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