Eazyrecruit Challenges The Status Quo Of Traditional Recruiters

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8th February 2010, 01:06pm - Views: 480

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Eazyrecruit Challenges the Status Quo of Traditional Recruiters

SYDNEY, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    From DVD's replacing VHS's and digital cameras wiping out the use of Polaroids to personal

computers/laptops taking over the need for typewriters and word processors, improvements in technology

continue to change our world as well as the way we conduct business. And unless you've been living under a

rock for the past decade, you're aware of the numerous advances in technology that are continuing to emerge

and threaten certain businesses to become obsolete.

    Among the many industries being affected by such technological innovations is the recruiting industry.

Online recruitment and the Internet have become powerful mechanisms for professionals in this field, however

many traditional recruiting firms are simply refusing to recognize and deploy intelligent technology to attract

and filter candidates. Why? Because they fear this technology will replace the status quo, which once upon a

time included unnecessary teams of consultants working from expensive offices and charging exorbitant fees

for very little work.

    There is no doubt that the traditional approach to recruiting has long been a costly venture filled with wasted

time, resources and manpower. Fortunately, online resourcing firm Eazyrecruit doesn't follow the "status

quo," but rather challenges it! CEO of Eazyrecruit Richard Annington warns, "Recruitment agencies need to

change and innovate their offerings to avoid becoming obsolete."

    As one of the early pioneers of fixed fee online recruiting, Eazyrecruit provides a fast, efficient and

affordable alternative to traditional companies. The online resourcing firm works directly with clients to reduce

their cost per hire, while improving their quality of hire with the use of online technology and old fashioned

recruiting techniques. For example, Eazyrecruit is able to sort and screen candidates for a role within three

businesses days from being engaged.

    As technological advances continue to improve all aspect s of our lives, it's important to understand that

business/commerce is at the forefront of these changes. Not only is online recruitment cost-effective, but it

also offers companies an efficient means to staff qualified employees quickly and conveniently. Therefore, it

can certainly be said that the future of this vast industry lies in online recruitment. As for traditional recruiters,

Richard concludes, "Failing to acknowledge the huge innovation in technology will continually allow clients to

completely bypass them."

    About Eazyrecruit

    Eazyrecruit is an online resourcing firm that operates in six countries and serves 40% of the leading FTSE

250 and Fortune 100 companies. We work hard to educate HR professionals, business owners and recruiters

on a better way to hire. From Office Assistant to Senior Legal Partner, our team of dedicated professionals is

experienced at identifying and qualifying candidates for all positions at the corporate level.

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    Richard Annington of Eazyrecruit, 



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