Julia Gillard Acting Out Of Touch Already

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23rd April 2008, 05:15pm - Views: 700

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National Union Of Workers (NUW) State Secretary Derrick Belan has said that Julia

Gillard is acting as though she is already out of touch with working Australians. This

follows the Deputy PM’s comments that Union picnic days will be considered illegal

strike action in a shake-up of workplace laws.

“I am amazed that Julia Gillard would advocate for the banning of Union members’

picnic days. With only a few months in office, it seems that the Rudd Labor government

has forgotten that it was working Australians who handed them victory at the last Federal

election”, Derrick Belan said.

The NUW chief said that not a word of this plan was mentioned in the lead up to last

years Federal Election.

“Julia Gillard visited many workplaces in 2007 seeking support from workers. Why

didn’t she mention her plan to ban Union picnic days then? Why didn’t she have the

courage to say then, ‘we want your votes and by the way we plan to take away your

picnic days’. This plan betrays the trust given to the Rudd government by Australian

working families.

“Ms. Gillard made a lot of political capital by accepting invitations to visit unionised

worksites. She spoke a lot about being the workers’ friend yet she turns around and

deceives Australian working families. It is something we expect from the Liberals!” Mr.

Belan said.

Derrick Belan said that unions fought for their members’ picnic days 50 years ago and

they will do it again if necessary.

“Another thing Ms. Gillard should know. We didn’t bow to John Howard and we have no

intention of bowing to her, let me make that very clear.

“To deem a Union members’ picnic day as ‘illegal strike action’ is insulting as well as

being highly deceptive”, Derrick Belan said.

Derrick Belan is calling upon the ACTU to publicly reject the plan to ban Union picnic


“It is the role of the ACTU to advocate on behalf of unions and their members. Therefore,

I ask Sharon Burrow and Jeff Lawrence to condemn this hair-brain scheme and to remind

our new Labor government who got them elected in the first place”, Derrick Belan



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