Mobile Technology Lifts Productivity, Lengthens Working Hours For Australian

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7th July 2009, 12:24pm - Views: 751


Mobile technology lifts productivity but lengthens working

hours for Australian employees 


7, 2009 –

More than 80 per

cent of Australian workers

say mobile

communications technology such as smartphones and laptops have boosted

personal productivity and, for many, have transformed their work-life balance,

according to the latest findings from an international workplace survey.

The survey, by global workforce solutions leader Kelly Services, finds that 75 per

cent of respondents say the ability to work outside the office, yet remain in constant

contact, has been a positive development, even though approximately a third are

now working longer hours. 

The Kelly Global Workforce Index obtained the views of nearly 100,000 people in 34

countries including more than 13,000 in Australia.

Kelly Services Managing Director, James Bowmer, said that the explosion of mobile

devices is helping to create a much more flexible and adaptable workforce, and one

that is more productive.

“Many employees now have the capacity to work from home or away from the office,

at any hour of the day, and this is proving positive for productivity and work-life

balance. Even though some are working longer hours, this is largely offset by the

greater freedom and flexibility of the virtual workplace,” Mr. Bowmer said.

The phenomenon is being spearheaded by Gen Y (aged 18-29) employees who are

reaping greater productivity benefits than Gen X (aged 30-47) and baby boomers

(aged 48-65), and who are also more content with their work-life balance.

Among the key findings of the survey:

88 per cent say that they are ‘greatly attracted’ or ‘somewhat attracted’ by the

possibility of telecommuting, working from home or working remotely.

36 per cent say they are working longer hours due to new technologies, with

Gen X the most affected.

Gen X are the most attracted to the idea of telecommuting, working from

home and working remotely. 

Gen Y are most happy with their work-life balance, and baby boomers the


Even though the

productivity benefits from new technologies are greatest among

younger workers, all generations say that their efficiency has increased. A total of 57


cent say productivity is ‘much better’, and 25 per

cent say it is ‘slightly better’,


while four per

cent say productivity is lower, and 15 per

cent say it makes no


Mr Bowmer says few other recent developments have had a bigger impact on

employee engagement and personal productivity.

“There is a blurring of the line between work and personal life as employees integrate

information technology into their lives at many levels. Employers who use technology

to enhance working arrangements are also likely to reap productivity benefits and to

be seen as employers of choice,” Mr Bowmer said.

About the Kelly Global Workforce Index 

The Kelly Global Workforce Index is a survey revealing opinions about work and the

workplace from a generational viewpoint. Results of the current findings from across Kelly’s

global operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific will be published

throughout 2009 in a series of six releases. 

About Kelly Services

Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA, KELYB) is a world leader in workforce management

services and human resources solutions, offering temporary staffing services, outsourcing,

vendor on-site and full-time placement to clients on a global basis.  Kelly provides

employment to nearly 650,000 employees annually, with skills including office services,

accounting, engineering, information technology, law, science, marketing, creative services,

light industrial, education, and health care. Revenue in 2008 was $5.5 billion.  Visit

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