Message To State Election Candidates: 'bail: A Key Area For Law Reform'

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18th October 2010, 10:00am - Views: 817

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Message to State election candidates: 

‘Bail: A key area for law reform’

Monday, 18 October, 2010

The Law Society of NSW is urging political parties and candidates contesting the

upcoming State election to commit to a comprehensive and consultative review of the

Bail Act 1978.

Law Society President, Mary Macken, said that the Bail Act needed more than a

facelift to reverse the impact of successive amendments.  

“The Law Society is particularly concerned about the impact of the Bail Act on

children, and in our State election policy (to be launched at the Justice and Police

Museum on Monday) we urge the Government to reconsider its recommendation to

leave section 22A untouched,” Ms Macken said.  

“We cannot simply ignore the fact that more juveniles are

spending more time on

remand following the introduction of this section.  Nor can we ignore the fact that

non-custodial sentences are ultimately imposed in the majority of juvenile cases,” she


The Law Society’s Policy Platform –

Justice and Fairness –

seeks a commitment

from political parties and candidates to a number of proposals for law reform in NSW. 

Some of those include:

Introducing a fair and consistent system for compensation in personal injury


Ensuring adequate resources for the courts in peak periods and in the regions.

Repealing the unfair new tax on property purchases -

the Torrens Assurance


“In the lead up to the NSW Election, we urge parties and candidates to adopt these

measures in order to increase the community’s access to justice and fairness,” she


The 2011 State Election Policy Platform will be

available online at after the launch.

*Chiefs of Staff, please note: media are invited to attend the launch

on Monday 18


at the Justice and Police Museum (8 Phillip St, Sydney) from 10.30am to

11.30am. If attending,  contact Kai Ianssen on 0413 440 699.

Media contact - Kai Ianssen: 02 9926 0288 or 0413 440 699. 

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