Middletons Acts For Harbert Australian Private Equity In Aesop Cosmetics Deal

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28th January 2010, 01:01pm - Views: 636

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      Thursday 28 January 2010

Middletons acts for Harbert Australian Private Equity in Aesop 

cosmetics deal

Middletons recently advised international investment fund, Harbert Australian Private Equity in its strategic investment

in Emeis Holdings, the owner of the Aesop cosmetics business. Aesop is a leading premium skincare and cosmetics

brand operating across Australia, Asia and Europe. 

Middletons’ lead partner, John Mann described the deal “as a complicated private equity investment involving intricate

equity and funding arrangements and the preparation of complex documents.”

John further commented that “Middletons in a short space of time was able to assist Harbert in conducting an

appropriate due diligence process and the preparation and negotiation of complex transaction documents on a highly

sought after investment.”

Globally Harbert has grown considerably over the past few years with committed capital and assets under

management growing from $1.5 billion in 2002 to approximately $2.6 billion as of November 1, 2009.

When asked what the outlook is for private equity in the next 12 months, John said “2010 will no doubt see private

equity take full advantage of the current environment.  A variety of opportunities exist for private equity funds that are

looking to invest such as Harbert who have the required skill and discipline to be cautious about their investment and

selective in regard to opportunities.”

In response to any emerging trends John highlighted “I expect that private equity will return to basics with smaller

deals and certainly more cash upfront. Following years of copious fundraising in a bull market has given private equity

houses more funds than ever to deploy. I do however believe there is no doubt that we will largely see smaller deals

put on the table.” 

In other developments John said “There has been a steady trend in the out performance of companies exited by

private equity as opposed to other models. Indeed Australia’s private equity sector is less advanced than both UK and

US counterparts, so we can expect to see a growth in the proportion of M&A activity being linked to private equity

activity in the years to come.”

John described Harbert as “methodical in their assessment process, which showed experience and, most of all,

discipline. Due diligence is of prime importance when making strategic acquisitions and we work very closely with

investment teams to manage this process. 

Harbert invest in a variety of asset classes to build a portfolio with a composition that strives to balance risk and


Middletons’ lead partner, John Mann was assisted by Middletons’ partner Craig Sanford in acting on this transaction.

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