New Kit Supports Prisonerswho Are Separated Parents

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27th May 2008, 12:12pm - Views: 987

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Media Release

27 May 2008


The Child Support Agency (CSA) and advocacy groups have combined to support separated

parents who are entering or leaving prison.

With the help of groups such as the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of

Offenders (VACRO), the CSA has developed prisoner information kits that outline parents’ child

support responsibilities and provide helpful advice.

VACRO Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Lott, said that VACRO supports CSA in reaching out to

all its customers, including prisoners, despite the unique challenges in communicating with this


“It is important that parents who are in prison are aware of their child support responsibilities,” she


“It is also important that we ensure they are not generating a debt, paying too much or too little

child support because they haven’t updated their income following their incarceration.” 

For parents leaving prison, the CSA offers a wide range of useful resources, such as the popular

Me and My series of self-help booklets and the online Community Service Directory which can

direct them to local community services that can help with financial, emotional or other issues.

There is also CSAonline, a secure online service where parents can view and update their child

CSA General Manager, Matt Miller, said that the information kits are designed to make it easier

for parents in prison to work with the CSA to support their children. 

“It is important that all parents are aware of their child support responsibilities and are informed

about the best way to maintain contact with the CSA,” he said.

The kits will be distributed to prisoner support groups and correctional facilities over the next few


The CSA has worked with a number of stakeholder and advocacy groups across the country to

develop and distribute the kits, and encourages contact from others who’d like to be involved to

ensure all separated parents in prison are reached.

Ms Lott said: “The Child Support Agency has done a really good job in working with VACRO to

ensure these information kits provide the support needed for their customers, who are in prison”. 

Information kits can be ordered from the CSA website at 

Media note: The CSA does not keep data on the numbers of CSA customers in prison.

MEDIA enquiries: Email or phone (02) 6272 8370.

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