Nsw Law Society Welcomes Review Into The Delivery Of Family Law Services

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20th November 2008, 07:02pm - Views: 1087

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NSW Law Society welcomes review into the delivery of family

law services

Thursday 20 November 2008

The Law Society of New South Wales has today welcomed a Commonwealth

Government report recommending there be one central court merging the family law

services of the Family Court and the Federal Magistrates Court to create a more

efficient system.

Law Society President Hugh Macken today said the restructuring of the Family Court

and the Federal Magistrates Court into one family court has long been advocated by

members of the legal profession and is the most efficient way of enhancing the

administration of justice in a very key and sensitive area of law.

“The current Federal Family Law Court system requires revision because it is

unnecessarily complex, involves a duplication of administrative resources and has

created a range of structural and other problems,” said Mr Macken.

“Tensions have developed between the Federal Court and the Family Court in

respect to the provision of family law services. This includes family relationship

centres, the maintaining of two registries and differing rules applying to what are

essentially the same type of relationship breakdown disputes.

“Neither the Federal Government, the legal profession or the public can afford

inefficiencies in the delivery of legal services.”

“It would be clearly preferable that any monies generated by saving making the

system more efficient be allocated to enhancing court services including family

relation centres and counselling services.

We look forward to working with Attorney General’s office in the rollout of new

administrative structures,” said Mr Macken.

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