Victorian Bar Election Results - New Chairman And Office Bearers

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28th October 2009, 11:00am - Views: 1044

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The Victorian Bar

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Media release

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Victorian Bar election results – new chairman and office bearers 

Michael Colbran QC has been elected the new chairman of the Victorian Bar Council

following elections which saw seven new council members elected to the 21 member


Mr Colbran replaces the retiring chairman, Mr John Digby QC, with Mark Moshinsky

SC taking up the position of Senior Vice Chair and Cameron Macaulay SC taking up

the position of Junior Vice Chair.

The Council election was held on Wednesday 14 October, and the office bearer

positions were finalised by a vote on Thursday 22 October. 

Mr Colbran has 27 years experience in the profession – he was admitted to practice in

1981, joined the Bar in 1982 and was appointed Queens Counsel in 1997. His practice

includes general commercial, property, trusts and tort litigation. 

He acted in one of the first cases in Victoria which recognised a civil right of privacy.

Issues related to privacy protection continue to preoccupy the community and legal

policy makers. 

Mr Colbran has a history of working with the national bodies – the Law Council of

Australia, of which he is a director, and the Australian Bar Association – especially on

issues related to the development of the national profession and conduct rules and

national issues affecting the judicial system

‘Much work has gone into the ‘nationalisation’ of the profession with the idea of a

seamless legal profession able to operate across state borders according to consistent

rules and regulations. The opportunities for practitioners who see their practice

developing beyond their home state or territory have never been greater,’ he said.

However, Mr Colbran says the Bar must also play a greater role closer to home: ‘We

owe it to the members of the community to better communicate about the way

barristers now serve them and engage constructively in the discussion about further

ways in which we can and should serve them.

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The Victorian Bar

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‘We need to better promote our pro bono activities and access to justice options which

assist ordinary people and continue our strong advocacy for greater legal aid funding

at both the State and Federal levels.’

Media inquiries: Alicia Patterson, Victorian Bar Media Liaison, 0403 172024


At the Declaration of the Poll following the Bar Council election on 14 October 2009

the following candidates, in order of seniority, were declared elected:-

CATEGORY A: Eleven counsel who are Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel, or junior

counsel who are of not less than 15 years’ standing -

Jacob (Jack) Isaac Fajgenbaum QC

Michael John Colbran QC


Brendan Anthony Murphy QC

Timothy Patrick Tobin SC

*Melanie Sloss SC

Cameron Clyde Macaulay SC

Jnr Vice Chairman

*Fiona McLeod SC

Richard Wallace McGarvie SC

*Christopher Mark Caleo SC

Mark Kranz Moshinsky SC

Snr Vice Chairman

Edvard William Alstergren

Hon Treasurer

CATEGORY B: Six counsel who are junior counsel and who are of not more than 15

nor less than 6 years’ standing -

Sara Louise Hinchey

Assistant Treasurer

Matthew Joseph J Walsh

*Patrick Justin Hannebery

Paul Xavier Connor

Kim Joy Knights

Katharine (Kate) Jane D Anderson

CATEGORY C:  Four counsel who are junior counsel and who are of less than 6

years’ standing -

*Anthony Thomas Strahan

*Simon Thomas Pitt (was Hon Secretary)

*Richard Henry Stanley

Kim Maree Southey

* New to the Victorian Bar Council 

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