Aussie Students Set To Take Ultimate Maths Challenge With The Human Calculator

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25th August 2010, 10:28am - Views: 1080

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Aussie students set to take the ultimate maths Challenge with World Record holder –

The Human Calculator

August 24th: Guinness Book World Record Holder Scott Flansburg, aka The Human Calculator,

and Australia’s own 14 year old World Maths Day Champion will come together to encourage

students as they compete in the Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge. This is a

unique opportunity to see and meet two of the world’s most exciting mathematical minds as they

inspire Aussie kids towards improved numeracy skills and a leading role at the next World Maths Day

in March 2011 as ambassadors for Team Australia.

The Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge encourages students of all ages, gender,

backgrounds and abilities to increase their numeracy skills in a fun, interactive and accessible way.

These important skills translate into all stages of life, from excelling scholastically to improving

financial literacy. 

The online challenge is free for all Australian school aged students. Close to 3,000 schools and

hundreds of thousands of students celebrated the event last year as teachers, parents and students

encouraged each other to enjoy learning.

This year the event takes place over two days from Tuesday August 31st to Wednesday September

1st... And the excitement is already beginning to build!

Schools and students wishing to register for the free Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths


Scott Flansburg is a veteran teacher and entertainer, world renowned for his ability

to calculate numbers in his head at record-breaking speeds. His mission is to help people improve

their basic mathematical skills regardless of their age, and convince them that maths can be fun. For

over 20 years he has inspired a love of numbers on TV and in schools around the world. Scott has

appeared on shows such as Oprah, Ellen and Jay Leno. 

Scott will also be in Sydney for the week before the event (August 23rd – 27th) visiting schools on a

whirlwind tour to inspire them to take part in the Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge.

Check Scott out in action on the Discovery Channel via YouTube. Media links available at Scott’s


Kaya Genc, the current World Maths Day Champion, is capable of answering more than two maths

questions per second. In March 2010 Kaye beat more than one million other students from around the

world to claim top spot for Australia. 

Check Kaya out here:  World Maths Day Champ

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