Australians Not In Favour Of Population Growth

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18th November 2009, 09:26pm - Views: 715

Australians not in favour of population growth

A majority of Australians believe that the country would be a worse place to live if there was large scale

and long-term population growth, according to research conducted by the Ipsos-Eureka Social Research


The Ipsos-Eureka study was conducted in response to recent expert forecasts that up to 35 million people

will call Australia home in 2050 – a population increase of 60%.  

Survey participants were asked whether they believe that Australia will be better or worse place to live

with an increased population, with similar questions related to their state and local area.

Sixty-four percent

of those surveyed believed Australia would be a worse place to live if we reached a

population of 35 million by the year 2050. Conversely, 14% believed Australia would be a better place to

live; 22% thought it would be same. 

When asked about population growth in their state, 65%

of Australians surveyed believed their state


be a worse place to live; only 13% believing their state would

be a better place to live with a

population increase.  

The research advises that people from New South Wales are the least accepting of population growth,

with three quarters (75%) saying that NSW would be a worse place to live with an increased population –

significantly more than any other state.  Nearly two thirds of Victorians (65%) and 63% of Queenslanders

nominated that their state would be a worse place to live on the same measure.

When asked how they felt about population growth within their local area, regional Australians were more

accepting of population growth than urban dwellers.

People from regional Australia were the most accepting of population growth in their local area, with one

in five (19%) regional Australians surveyed saying they believe their local area would be a better place to

live.  Just one in ten (11%) metropolitan Australians responded positively to the concept.

The research was conducted between 11 and 17 November and surveyed 812 adults across Australia

using fieldwork agency I-view and their Talk with Australia panel.  This panel is a nationally representative

panel of 3,000 Australian residents.

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