Kidsafe And Mfb Warn On Need For Home Fire Escape Plans Following Death

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26th December 2009, 12:44pm - Views: 794

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MEDIARELEASE                                                                               December 26th, 2009

Kidsafe and the MFB issue red alert over home fire escape plans

Kidsafe and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) urge families to use the holiday time to

practice their fire escape plan with their children. This is particularly important during the

summer holidays as risk of bushfire is heightened ,

families may be on holidays in

unfamiliar destinations and also spending more time at home. 

Dr Mark Stokes, President of Kidsafe Victoria cautioned, “Parents need to ensure that they

prepare a home escape plan with their children as a matter of urgency, particularly when

holidaying in an unfamiliar destination. Teach your children what to expect in a fire.”

Commander Frank Stockton from MFB’s Community Education Department recommends

all families visit the website for further detailed information.

Preventing injury in the case of a fire is about being prepared. Kidsafe and the MFB provide

the following tips to parents:

At Home

Install smoke alarms; test them monthly and replace their batteries each year at the

end of daylight saving.  The MFB recommends photo-electric smoke alarms.

Regularly practice a home escape plan 

Have fire extinguishers and fire blankets easily accessible in your home; place these

at least three metres away from the potential source of a fire, such as a stove, oven or

fireplace, to ensure access is not impeded.

Keep emergency numbers by the phone

When camping

Prepare a fire escape plan based on your area; involve your children in the planning

of this so they are more aware of what they need to do in case of an incident.

Ensure you have a clearly designated meeting place

If you light the fire, you must put it out before going to bed or leaving the camp.

Many bush fires start because camp fires have been left unattended.

Ensure there is a first aid kit on site and preferably a first aid trained adult.

Check with authorities if any fire restrictions are in place. 

In Case of a Fire

Teach children to ‘Get down low and go, go, go’ when there is smoke in the area

If a child’s clothes catch on fire, teach them to ‘Stop, drop, cover and roll.’

Teach children to phone 000 so they can call the fire service in the case of a fire

All families should be prepared for a fire by discussing and implementing these simple

strategies with their children. By following these steps you are minimising the risk of fire-

related injury or death to your child.  

Media Enquiries

Ron Smith, Kidsafe Corporate Media Communications: 0417 329 201

Mark Stokes, President, Kidsafe Victoria: 0408 038 267 Available In Melbourne Today  

MFB: Frank Stockton, Manager, Community Education, MFB, 0417 549 704 

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