Parents Demand Laws To Protect Children From International Abductions

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23rd November 2009, 09:30am - Views: 788




Coalition of Parents of Abducted Children


Parents Demand Laws to Protect Children from

International Abductions

At least 150 children are abducted from Australia by a parent each year.

Some are never found.

Now, the Coalition of Parents of Abducted Children (COPAC) is supporting a

campaign led by the Family Law Reform Association (FLRA) for the

introduction of new laws to protect children from being abducted from


In many developed countries, International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) is

a crime, but not in Australia.

The FLRA is calling on the Australian Government to criminalise this shocking

crime. They are seeking an urgent meeting with the Federal Attorney-General

to have the proposed law introduced as quickly as possible.

NSW Fire Brigade Deputy Commissioner, Ken Thompson, whose 5-year- old-

son, Andrew, was abducted in 2008 said, “Australia has the highest per capita

rate of IPCA in the world. This highlights the need for new laws. It’s far too

easy for a parent to abduct a child”. 

Mr Thompson says, “IPCA is an extreme form of child abuse. These parents

are emotionally unstable, or have simply decided they want to live in another

country, or they refuse to work through the normal legal processes. It’s the

ultimate act of selfishness”.

His son is still missing (see link to photo at end of release).


Canberra businessman Frederick Mack spent seven years and $500,000

before returning with his abducted son from Germany. “If someone flees

Australia after committing a crime involving money the legal system swings

into action, yet when a child is abducted there are no laws in place. This has

to change!” he said.

Melbourne man George Pessor’s two boys were illegally retained in Sweden

while visiting their mother. He found them and brought them home, but the

search left him bankrupt. He said, “It’s every parent’s nightmare to not know

where your child is and not knowing if your child will see you again. Laws

should protect children, ours protect their kidnappers!”

Sydney author and businesswoman Margaret Wilcox searched for her

daughter for 14 years. She said, “The abduction of a child by a parent is a

terrible crime against the child’s human rights. Australia needs to create and

adopt laws that reflect the seriousness of parental child abduction”.

Australian true crime author Robin Bowles also supports the proposal. Her

grandson was abducted to France in 1999 and was not returned.

COPAC wants the Federal Attorney-General to work with the Family Law

Reform Association to make Australia safer for children.


Contact: Ken Thompson 0417- 416- 024.

Photo of Andrew:

Caption: Andrew John THOMPSON who was abducted in April 2008


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