Pending National 'apology' To British Child Migrants Based On Wrong Information!

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29th October 2009, 08:42pm - Views: 753

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October, 2009                    

MEDIA RELEASE                               

Explosive new book reveals pending national ‘apology’ to British

child migrants from our PM is based on incorrect information!

In his explosive new book The Bush Orphanage, former child migrant John

Hawkins has revealed that the Prime Minister's apology intended for British child

migrants and scheduled for the 16th November this year will be based on incorrect


The Bush Orphanage describes in graphic detail, rare, or believed lost documented

evidence of serious wrongdoing, lawbreaking, and unprincipled behaviour by

British and Australian authorities in their quest to steal children from Britain.

Because of ‘lost’ or ‘hard to find’ documentation the Australian government is now

prepared to apologise, officially unaware of its own history of wrongdoing -

including crimes against humanity.

This apology will not include the fact that post war child migration to

Australia was largely carried out illegally under British law, descending into

government approved child trafficking.

It will not include the deliberate government policy of institutionalising all

British children, which put them into harms way under the Guardianship of

Children Act 1946, or government policy which prevented them from being

fostered, adopted or assimilated into Australian Society.

This apology will be based on the flawed Senate inquiry Lost Innocents-

Righting the Record (2001) which failed to dig deep enough into past

incriminating government records.

It will not mention policies conducted by the Department of Immigration,

which prevented hundreds of British mothers from regaining custody of their

children, so as to keep these children permanently ‘orphaned’ and lost.

It will not consider compensation for children who lost their families, their

country, and their legal and human rights, for the purpose of populating

Australia serving their childhoods as ‘orphans’ in institutions that had been

condemned in 1956 by a British government inquiry when the British

government was forced to end child migration.

As one of Australia's leading researchers of child migration to Australia, John

Hawkins maintains that the apology will be seen as a hollow gesture by British child

migrants and their families, who will never accept it as closure as long as the

government refuses to accept responsibility for the wrongdoings of its predecessors.

Media enquiries please contact: Liz Copping – 03 9699 1041 –

Copies of book for REVIEW purposes – Jo Costello – 03 9681 7275 –

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