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September 5, 2008

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Father’s Day 2008 facts and figures: ABS


In 2006/07, there were 4,569,000 men aged 18 years and over who reported having one or

more natural children living either with them or elsewhere.


Most commonly, 41% of fathers had two natural children, 39% had three or more natural

children, while 21% had one natural child.

Over one-third of these men (36%) reported first becoming a father aged between 25 and 30

years, while 13% had first become a father aged over 35 years.


In 2006/07, 132,000 men were step-fathers to children aged under 18, living in the same

household. In comparison 30,000 women were step-mothers to children aged under 18, living

in the same household.

Non-resident fathers

There were 385,000 non-resident fathers in 2006/07, that is, fathers who had at least one

natural child aged 0-17 years not residing with them but usually residing with the natural


Just over one-third of non-resident fathers (36%) lived alone, while 31% lived in a couple family

with children and 18% lived with their partner and no children.

Work and family

There were 1,720,000 fathers living with their natural, adopted, step or foster children aged

under 15 in July 2008. The majority of these fathers (92%) were employed and 29% of

employed fathers worked 50 hours or more per week.

In 2006, fathers living with their children aged under 15 years, spent an average of 8 hours per

week where their main activity was related to caring for their children, including providing

physical or emotional care, minding their children, teaching or disciplining their children, and

playing with or reading to their children.


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