Performing Arts Generate $733 Million In Income: Abs

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28th May 2008, 02:39pm - Views: 829

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Performing arts generate $733 million in income: ABS

Australia's performing arts earned $733.4 million during 2006-07, according to

figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

The main sources of income for Australia's 726 performing arts

businesses/organisations were box office takings (49%) and government funding


Performing Arts

employed 6,569 people at the end of June 2007. Nearly half were employed as

performing artists (3,249 people). 

gave 43,460 paid performances, with over 12 million people paying to attend

various live theatrical or musical presentations during 2006-07. Drama

productions had the highest attendance, at just over a quarter (26%) of the


New South Wales accounted for half of total income and 38% of paid


Performing arts venue operators

There were 145 performing arts venue operators, running 189 venues with a total of

271 performing arts spaces at end June 2007; they: 

generated $494 million in income; government funding accounted for just over

one-third of this ($166 million). 

hosted 20,819 performances - drama productions made up nearly a third (30%)

of all performances, followed by musical theatre (15%). 

Victoria had nearly a third (31%) of all performing arts spaces.

Further details are in Performing Arts, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8697.0).

Media Note: Performing arts businesses/organisations are those which were mainly

engaged in providing live theatrical or musical presentations (including popular

music, theatre, opera, ballet and drama). Performing arts and performing arts venue

operators are distinct topics and should be reported separately.

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