Drink Driving Ensures No Fairytale Ending

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21st October 2009, 01:49pm - Views: 723
Drink driving ensures no fairytale ending

LYNDALE Secondary College Year 10 student, Lauren McCann, has won the inaugural RACV's Transmission Road Safety poster competition with her imaginative entry based on the fairytale Rapunzel.

Lauren's poster features an intoxicated Prince Charming crashing his car into the tower in which a clearly displeased Rapunzel waits to be rescued with the tagline "Not So Charming Now. Don't Drink Drive."

Lauren said she wanted her poster to capture the idea that drink driving affects everyone.

"Even Prince Charming can be influenced by peer pressure. I hope this slogan will cause drivers to rethink their behaviour because even people who are supposed to be perfect can be influenced," Lauren said.

The poster competition is the first held by RACV and celebrates the 10 years that the Transmission program has been in place. Transmission is an annual initiative by RACV, Channel 7 and WIN TV aimed at reducing the alarmingly high number of young people killed on Victorian roads.

Lauren's poster was produced in conjunction with advertising agency Adcore.

RACV Manager Road User Team, Thanuja Gunatillake, said Lauren's entry stood out from the more than 70 entries received from secondary school students across Victoria.

"It was such an unusual concept and we thought it would really strike a chord with students because it captured a strong message but uses humour to drive that message home," Ms Gunatillake said.

"Her concept that so-called 'perfect' people can also make bad decisions based on peer pressure or other influences makes this ad applicable to everyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle."

Ms Gunatillake said RACV was delighted with the quality and volume of entries in the first Transmission poster competition and, as a result, would continue the competition next year.

"The high level of entries reinforced how the Transmission program is a great way for effective road safety messages to be created for young people, by young people," she said.

"This is vital given motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among young Australians aged 18 to 25."

RACV media contact: Thanuja Gunatillake 9790 2917 or 0408 563 706
Lyndale Secondary College contact: Jessica Quinn 9795 2366


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