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26th February 2009, 05:40pm - Views: 566

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26 February 2009


Australia’s new car buyers increasingly have more 5-star safety rated vehicles to choose

from – both locally made and imported – Australia’s leading vehicle safety advocate, the

Australasian New Car Assessment Program, said today.

On the eve of the Melbourne International Motor Show, ANCAP welcomed the increasing

numbers of 5-star vehicles on the Australian market and urged manufacturers and

distributors to make safety a priority in its manufacture and marketing programs.

ANCAP today announced 5-star ratings for three more vehicles – the locally manufactured

Commodore Omega Sportwagon, as well as republishing the EuroNCAP results for VW Golf

and Mazda6.

ANCAP also urged manufacturers and dealers to take up the Stars on Cars program, which

advertises the star rating of the car at the point of sale.  The Stars on Cars program is being

considered by Australia’s Transport Ministers in May, and ANCAP Chair, Lauchlan

McIntosh, said the Motor Show provided an opportunity for those in the automotive industry

to participate in the program.

“Australia’s Transport Ministers will be making some decisions on the take up of Stars on

Cars – whether it should be introduced as mandatory or voluntarily by the manufacturers

and distributors – and the industry needs to have some views on this as well,” ANCAP

Chair, Mr McIntosh, said.

“ANAP works closely today with local manufacturers and dealers to ensure safer vehicles

on the Australian market and we believe the time is right to bring in Stars on Cars in the

interests of new vehicle buyers.

“We are pleased to see 4 and 5-star vehicles on the market offering improved safety

features for motorists and their families and we encourage this trend, including the first 5-

star awards to locally-made Ford Falcons and Holden Commodore Omegas last year.

“But it is now time to advertise these ratings at the point of sale and ANCAP is keen to

discuss the introduction of Stars on Cars with industry and governments.”

For a full list of ANCAP’s vehicle safety ratings, including the vehicles listed above, and

Australian and New Zealand motoring clubs, all Australian state governments, the New

Zealand government, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission, NRMA Insurance and

the FIA Foundation.  

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