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10th December 2009, 06:01pm - Views: 678

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The RTA is changing the speed limit on West Portland Road, Sackville from 18

December 2009 to increase safety.

Following requests from Hawkesbury City Council and the local community, the RTA

will be reducing the maximum speed limit on West Portland Road from 80km/h to: 

70km/h between Sackville Road and 3.1km north of Sackville Road

60km/h between 3.1km north of Sackville Road and 200m west of Laws Farm Road

70km/h between 200m west of Laws Farm Road and Wheelbarrow Ridge Road

“NSW speed limits are determined by a number of factors including road alignment,

adjacent development, the traffic volumes and types of vehicles using the road, as

well as crash history and the number of access points along the route,” an RTA

spokesperson said.

“The review of these factors along this road has shown that there are a number of

safety concerns that needed action,” the spokesperson said.

“The RTA investigation included the crash history on West Portland Road which

shows that this year there has been a fatality near Irwins Bridge.

“Between 2004 and 2008 there were 12 crashes, resulting in nine injuries. Speed has

been a factor in more than 66 per cent of these crashes.  

“The RTA will also be installing additional curve warning and speed advisory signage

on a number of significant curves along West Portland Road.

“In reviewing West Portland Road, the RTA proactively investigated a number of

other nearby roads to ensure consistency: 


Laws Farm Road (between West Portland Road and Ski Lodge Road) - 70km/h

Packer Road - 60km/h 

Lower Colo Road - 50km/h 

Wheelbarrow Ridge Road (between 2.8km east of Putty Road and West Portland

Road) – 60km/h 

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Wheelbarrow Ridge Road (between Putty Road and 2.8km east of Putty Road)


Greens Road – 50km/h  

Motorists need to take notice of these changes when they are travelling along these

roads or risk being fined by police.

The RTA will also write to residents along the length of West Portland Road and

Laws Farm Road to inform them of the speed limit change.

The new permanent speed limit signs are expected to be installed on West Portland

Road and Laws Farm Road from 18 December 2009.


RTA Media Unit   8588 5999

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