Preparation Work For Sapphire To Woolgoolga Upgrade

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27th October 2009, 04:11pm - Views: 688

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     27 OCTOBER 2009




Preparation work for major construction on the Pacific Highway upgrade

between Sapphire and Woolgoolga will continue this week, with the relocation

of water mains.

The RTA has asked Coffs Harbour City Council to relocate sections of water

main away from the highway upgrade to reduce any impact on construction and

to help major work on the project start early.

An RTA spokesperson said sections of water main between Campbell Close,

Korora and Split Solitary Road in Sapphire will be relocated.

“The water main relocations are preliminary to the start of major construction. 

“Tenders for the major construction of this project closed yesterday (26 October

2009). The preferred contractor will be announced in the first half of 2010, with

major construction expected to start in the second half of next year,” the

spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the RTA still has the Rest Area Assessment Report for the

Sapphire to Woolgoolga upgrade on public display.

“Members of the public who would like to submit comments need to do so by 30

October,” the spokesperson said.

For locations of the display, and for more information on the Sapphire to

(click on

Sapphire to Woolgoolga), or call the project information line toll free on 1800

636 363. 

Key features of the Sapphire to Woolgoolga upgrade include: 

• 25 kilometres of dual carriageway highway 

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• Interchanges at: 


Gaudrons Road/Split Solitary Road, Sapphire; 


Moonee Beach Road/Hoys Road, Moonee Beach; 


Fiddaman Road/Graham Drive South, Emerald; 


Graham Drive North/Hearnes Lake Road, south Woolgoolga; and 


Arrawarra Beach Road, Arrawarra. 

• A continuous alternative local road between Sapphire and Woolgoolga,

providing safer access for the community to local properties and an alternative

route for school buses and motorists who do not want to use the highway. 

The Sapphire to Woolgoolga upgrade is jointly funded by the Australian and

NSW Governments.


RTA Media Unit   8588 5999

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