Slow Down And Get Home Safely This Long Weekend

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4th October 2010, 02:17pm - Views: 946

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4 OCTOBER 2010 



The RTA has warned motorists to slow down and take extra care as they take to the

roads to return home at the end of the long weekend.

A horrific weekend on NSW roads has seen eight people killed so far, double the

entire road toll for the 2009 October long weekend.

An RTA spokesperson said wet weather and increased traffic volumes will make road

conditions dangerous.

“Tragically eight people have died already this weekend and others are still fighting

for their lives in hospital. Motorists need to slow down, take breaks and drive to the

road and weather conditions.

“Wet weather means drivers need to ensure they leave extra space between their

vehicle and the vehicle in front, keep their lights on and ensure they drive within the

speed limit, it is much harder to stop suddenly when driving in the rain.

“By obeying the speed limits and driving to the conditions you stand a much better

chance of getting home alive,” the spokesperson said.

NSW Police Force are reminding people to drive within the speed limit speed as part

of Operation Slowdown and double demerit points remain in force until midnight.

“Speed and fatigue are the biggest killers on our roads. Slow down and take regular

breaks, there are 65 driver reviver sites operating across NSW, so if you are feeling

tired rest and take a break,” the spokesperson said.

For live traffic updates and to help plan your journey visit the RTA website at:, or if you require immediate information on road and traffic

conditions, please call 132 701.


RTA Media Unit   8588 5999

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