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11th October 2010, 10:01am - Views: 1040

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Monday October 11, 2010 



Nine out of ten Sydney drivers are disrupting traffic to avoid a speeding ticket says

low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct. 

In a survey of more than 1300 motorists 63% said they automatically go for the brake

upon noticing a covert camera, even though they were obeying the speed limit, while

a further 24% go for the brake to reduce their speeding.

Spokesperson for Budget Direct Richelle Ward said these survey results question

whether drivers are consistently reducing their speed or just adjusting to speed


It appears a driver’s mentality is to slow down around fixed speed cameras and ‘be

on alert’ for covert cameras. It also seems drivers are working against police as 40%

claim to warn oncoming traffic of a speed camera by flashing their head lights.  

“Slamming brakes and not focusing on the road appears to be common practice

which is a real concern as this type of behaviour could be the catalyst for road

accidents, Ms Ward said.  

These controversial results show that 69% of motorists believe speed cameras do

nothing to reduce road causalities while 59% say they don’t reduce speeding. 

With more speed cameras in use than ever before drivers are up in arms about the

government’s assumed blatant grab for cash as 63% say that speed cameras are

just for revenue raising. 


Motorists are also fed up with the frequent number of speed sign changes as 83%

state they are confused, while 44% are distracted by keeping an eye out for covert


“Respondents were extremely passionate about speed cameras and there is no

doubt motorists are not fully convinced of the benefits. It’s a hot topic as governments

are set to rake in the revenue.   

“It seems motorist’s perception of speed cameras are only getting worse as we see

an increase in the number of people who question a cameras ability to reduce speed.

“In 2008, a similar survey was conducted and we found an increase of about 10% in

respondents saying that speed cameras do not reduce speeding or road causalities.

We have also seen a significant increase in the number of people who think speed

cameras are for revenue raising, Ms Ward said.  

For more information or to speak to Richelle Ward call 07 3377 8875 or 0414 290 526

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