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9th November 2009, 03:06pm - Views: 706

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Trader Classifieds (A division of ACP Magazines Ltd.) 73 Atherton Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166

A motorcycle-friendly remake of a TAC “safety”

commercial emphasises safe, reponsible

motorcycling at MCtrader.com.au

9 November 2009


TAC motorcycle ad ‘a shocking waste’

The Victorian Transport Accident Commission’s

latest shock motorcycle ‘safety’ TV commercial

has been condemned as “a shocking waste of

resources” by a leading motorcycle journalist and

automotive engineer.

Motorcycle Trader magazine Editor Rob

Blackbourn said the ad achieved the direct

opposite of what was intended.

“The TAC ad is a failure,” he said. “And it’s a

failure at huge expense to riders and other


Blackbourn, an experienced automotive engineer, said the commercial was technically

flawed and confirmed all the worst prejudices of other motorists.

“It depicts riders as suicidal, disenfranchising the very people it was supposed to be

targeting, and the final crash scene defies the laws of physics. How does this help anyone?

“On one hand the vast majority of riders see it as an over-dramatised insult, while on the

other, it conveys a rather frightening – and quite unrepresentative – image of motorcyclists

to those who do not ride.”

Rather than just sit back and criticise, Blackbourn and an in-house video production crew

went out and shot their own version, with a positive message.

“Our version reminds people to slow down and wear the right gear – a positive message

which riders can understand and heed,” he said.

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Trader Classifieds (A division of ACP Magazines Ltd.) 73 Atherton Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166

T: (03) 9567 4200     F: (03) 9563 4554     www.traderclassifieds.com.au

“By contrast, the TAC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to alienate the very people

you target, while putting them at greater risk.”

Blackbourn says his magazine’s version of the commercial gives more useful information to

the audience, with a reward for good behavior, instead of an apocalyptic outcome.

It can be viewed online at MCtrader.com.au – look for the ice-cream scene at the end.


Media information

Motorcycle Trader is an influential national magazine produced in Melbourne. Its audience

ranges from young riders on off-road machines through to seniors on big touring bikes.

Rob Blackbourn is a motorcyclist with 40-plus years of road and competition experience. He

has enjoyed a long career as a qualified automotive engineer, including stints with Ford and

General Motors, while maintaining his membership of the Society of Automotive Engineers.


Rob Blackbourn

0419 393 435


A high-definition version of the Motorcycle Trader ad, plus stills, can be supplied.

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