University Of Wa Backs Fuel Saving Additive

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27th March 2009, 02:38pm - Views: 501

University of WA backs Fuel Saving Additive

The University of WA’s Centre for Petroleum, Fuels and Energy has recently confirmed a fuel additive’s

ability to deliver diesel fuel savings and engine performance improvements. The Centre’s director, Prof

Dongke Zhang, was commissioned by BHP Billiton (as part of their commitment to reduce carbon

emissions and energy use) to investigate the potential for using the FTC/FPC combustion catalysts in

diesel powered mining equipment.

This work follows an earlier evaluation at BHP Mt Keith Nickel mine, which demonstrated economic

savings in large Caterpillar rear dump trucks.

The FTC/FPC catalyst, as marketed by Brisbane based Cost Effective Maintenance, produces reductions

in fleet diesel use and Greenhouse emissions of 5-9%.

BHP Billiton used in excess of 1400ML of diesel Australia wide in 2007, which accounts for more than 5%

of Australia’s total diesel consumption. Prof Zhang pointed out that, “Any improvement in energy

efficiency of engines fuelled on diesel, will have significant implications in the nations sustainable energy

and economic development.” His paper is due to be presented in May, at the 7th Asia Pacific conference

on Combustion in Taipei.

Prof Zhang also pointed to other benefits of FTC/FPC use including,” reduced engine emissions, lowered

engine noise and much reduced carbon deposition in cylinders and fuel injectors, therefore easing

engine maintenance requirements”.

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